Form-to-Form Instant Network Communication

March 5, 2011

Form-to-Form Communication

Form-to-Form Communication

In the image above, there are two browsers open – Safari on the left and Opera on the right.

In each of the browsers, there is a window called “Test Form” which was created with the form design tool that I have discussed in earlier posts.

At the bottom of each “Test Form” window, there are two buttons – “Send” and “Open” – and a text field with the name of a channel.

Pressing “Open” opens the communication channel; pressing “Send” sends the contents of the form to any other forms which are on the open channel.

In this test, I filled in some data in the Safari form and pressed “Send” – and the data immediately appeared in the Opera form.

Creating the test form took about 3 minutes and no knowledge of Smalltalk or JavaScript was required. Using the form is even easier – just open a channel, fill in some data, and press “Send”. And, of course, the other forms on the open channel can “Send” data back as well.

I have renamed the design tool to “QuickForms” and it will be increasingly used to build both tools and applications.


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