Google App Engine Hosts Royal Wedding Site

March 3, 2011

From today’s App Engine Blog:

The UK is gearing up for a very special wedding on April 29, when Prince William and Catherine Middleton will be married in Westminster Abbey in London.

Unlike many previous Royal Weddings, this event will have its own website – and we’re honoured that St. James’s Palace has chosen to use Google’s computing infrastructure to power the site.

QuickSilver Smalltalk is hosted on Google’s App Engine.

One of the reasons that I chose GAE was because of its scalability – you can scale to almost any size and you only pay for resources that you actually use. So, it is perfect for short term events that may have very large traffic spikes.

A royal wedding is this kind of event – for a few days, there may be millions of visits to the site and then traffic will dramatically decrease; and it is very hard to predict the traffic ahead of time.

The creators of the wedding site presumably have a very large budget so they could have used almost any hosting technology. And so, it is interesting that they chose to use Google’s App Engine.


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