“Form Window Designer” – First End-User Tool

March 2, 2011




“Form Window Designer” is a very simple tool for creating “Form Windows” which contain only labelled text fields.

FWD is intended primarily for end-users who have little or no knowledge of Smalltalk or JavaScript. The tool is now in development and should be available in a couple of days.

There will be two ways of using “Form Windows” created by FWD:

1) Simple database CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
There will be optional database name and key fields that can be created. If these are defined, the created window will be able to manage a simple database whose records consist of the data fields.

2) Form-to-Form communication over channels
A couple of weeks ago, I built a channel communication demo called “Chat” which sent simple text messages. Form-to-Form communication uses the same foundations as Chat but sends and receives encoded data fields instead of text.

This is the first of several user-oriented tools for QuickSilver. And it is being built 100% online using only QuickSilver in the browser.


2 Responses to ““Form Window Designer” – First End-User Tool”

  1. Andy Burnett Says:

    It might be useful to be able to ‘save as…’ on the form, so that people could embed it into other web pages. I could imagine that this would be quite a useful feature, e.g. knock up a quick ‘contact us’ form in SST, and then paste it into a static web page.

    Obviously, this raises questions about including the Ext library etc., but it should still be quite do-able.

  2. Peter Fisk Says:

    The designer will generate Smalltalk classes just like WindowBuilder used to do. These classes can then be “filed out” to the database.

    A FormWindow is simply a window containing a FormPanel which has all the config information.

    It will be easy to save the FormPanel separately and use it in other components.

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