Online Development Environment

February 28, 2011

Online Environment

Online Environment

There have been several changes to the QuickSilver site over the past several days:

1) QuickSilver compiler is deployed as a single file

Until recently, there have been continual changes to the QuickSilver compiler as bugs were discovered. This meant that it was most practical to deploy the compiler as a number of separate JavaScript files which could be easily patched. Now that all the known major bags have been corrected, I am deploying the compiler as a single JavaScript file (qs.js) which has had white-spaces removed. The file is about 62kb in size or about 12.5kb when gzipped.

2) Dynamic Loading of Smalltalk files

There is a single Smalltalk file loaded at startup ( which in turn loads a default environment ( from the database. The default environment, in turn, loads tools and sets up the initial desktop. This arrangement lets me change the online environment without modifying the Google App Engine deployment settings.

3) “perform:”,…,”perform:withArgs:”

QuickSilver now accepts Smalltalk “perform:”, perform:with:”,…,”perform:withArgs:” messages.

This will add flexibility for building tools.

4) Changes to the site are now being made using online tools

Site development is now being done entirely in the online environment, including the creation of new tools.


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