QuickSilver Site New Look

February 25, 2011

QuickSilver Site New Look

QuickSilver Site New Look


I have modified the home site to better present current information about QuickSilver.

The Transcript window is still present but is hidden by default. Now, in the top left corner, there is an HTML file browser showing the latest news. All of the Smalltalk tools (Transcript, Workspace, ClassBrowser, etc) are available from the desktop context menu (right-click on the desktop).

QuickSilver is rapidly maturing and has become much more stable. These changes to the site reflect a move from a development focus to an application focus for QuickSilver Smalltalk.

In one of my previous posts, I said that programming languages become popular when they are applied to a suitable application environment.

My belief is that Smalltalk is uniquely suited to application development of RIA’s (Rich Interface Applications) in scalable (*cloud based*) deployments with real-time data updates. And especially when they are being simultaneously deployed to browsers and mobile devices.

And so http://www.silversmalltalk.com/ will be a site for developers and also a showcase of the technology.

Next additions to the site will include a public forum (implemented in Smalltalk) for feedback and spawning new application ideas.

QuickSilver Smalltalk is now 26 days old.

— Peter


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