QuickSilver Compiler Bug Fix: “self” in Blocks

February 25, 2011

One of the major QuickSilver bugs that I reported in a previous post has been fixed.

“self” can now be used freely in blocks without causing problems.

The source code for the QuickSilver compiler along with the current static Smalltalk libraries can be found in the Google code repository.

Here are a few Smalltalk tricks to help diagnosing problems:

Smalltalk inspect

will open an inspector window on all globally defined variables, including all classes.

ClassName methodNames inspect

will open an inspector on a list of method names for a class

for example:

Behavior methodNames inspect


Behavior class methodNames inspect

These will show instance methods and class methods respectively for the class “Behavior”.

Finally, to see the source or generated JavaScript for a method:

(ClassName methodText: 'methodName') inspect

(ClassName methodGen: 'methodName') inspect

for example:

(Array methodText: 'collect:') inspect

(Array methodGen: 'collect:') inspect


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