QuickSilver – Squeak Syntax Compatibility

February 15, 2011

I have made some changes to the QuickSilver compiler to make it more compatible with Squeak syntax.

In particular, there is a new method in “Class” for declaring subclasses:

subclass: '' instanceVariableNames: '' classVariableNames: '' poolDictionaries: ''

for example:

Object subclass: 'Server' instanceVariableNames: '' classVariableNames: '' poolDictionaries: ''

I would like to encourage porting of Squeak code to QuickSilver.

There are, however, obvious differences between the Squeak environment and the QuickSilver environment:

— Squeak runs on the desktop

— QuickSilver runs in a network with separate client/server components.

Note that QuickSilver can operate in either the client (browser JavaScript) or on the server (Rhino JavaScript).

So the goal will be to migrate some of the most useful elements of Squeak to the appropriate QuickSilver component (client or server).


4 Responses to “QuickSilver – Squeak Syntax Compatibility”

  1. Andy Burnett Says:

    Splitting the functionality of squeak code between the server and the browser will be an interesting test of network based programming. I am sure it will help to advance our thinking

    • Peter Fisk Says:

      Probably more than 80% of the time people spend on computers is in a network environment.

      If you count smart phones and iPads as well, then the percentage is likely more than 90%.

      To build applications for today’s users you have to design for Internet deployment – it is not an option.

      — Peter

  2. Jose Says:


    How can obtain a list of (all) smalltalk methods for one class (ignoring superclass methods)?

    Smalltalk.Behavior.lookupMethod(selector) => force to know method names.

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