QuickSilver ClassBrowser

February 15, 2011

QuickSilver Class Hierarchy Browser

QuickSilver Class Hierarchy Browser


Above is an image of a QuickSilver class browser and a source code browser.

There are now three ways to view the latest QuickSilver Smalltalk source code.

1) with the ClassBrowser
2) with the SourceBrowser
3) in the SVN repository

The ClassBrowser will help in creating and improving development tools.

Tomorrow, I will be adding a simple Peer-to-Peer messaging application for work collaboration.


5 Responses to “QuickSilver ClassBrowser”

  1. Jose Says:

    Peter, next CSS styles improves the look&feel

    · remove multiples borders on compound panels (HSplitPanel and VSplitPanel).
    · remove icons on tree class hierarchy.

     img.x-tree-node-icon {
     	display: none;
     div.x-window-mc {
        border: 0 solid;
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;
     div.x-panel {
        border-style: none solid;
     div.x-panel-noborder {
        border-style: none solid;
     div.x-panel-body {
        border-style: none solid;
        border-width: 0 0 0 0;
    • Jose Says:

      And you can active instance tab by default declaring ‘activeTab:0’

      TabPanel class _compileMethod: '
      	| tp tpw  |
      	tpw := Ext.ComponentMgr _create: {{
      		xtype: ''tabpanel'',
      		activeTab: 0
      	tp := self newPrim: tpw.
      	tp tabs: {[]}.
      	^ tp'
  2. Jose Says:

    And you can avoid left padding on title tab with next CSS style.

     .x-tab-strip .x-tab-with-icon span.x-tab-strip-text {
        padding-left: 3px;

    I can’t find where code generate empty tabs…

    • Peter Fisk Says:

      Hi Jose,

      I have added you to the project committers list.

      And I have created a “jose” folder under “smalltalk” where you can add Smalltalk code.

      Some suggestions for what is needed:
      — better class browser(s)
      — object inspectors
      — String methods

      I will add your scripts to the main HTML page when they are ready.

      Let me know when I can help.

      — Peter

      • Jose Says:

        Thanks Peter,

        I upload my suggestions/changes to my svn folder

        I would like to work on better class browser (or smalltalk ide) first.

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