QuickSilver Tools

February 14, 2011

QuickSilver Tools in Development

QuickSilver Tools in Development


Above is an image of some of the QuickSilver tools in development.

Some of the tools now being developed are:

  • ClassBrowser
  • ClassHierarchyBrowser
  • Object Inspectors
  • Source Code Browser
  • GUI Designer
  • Peer-to-Peer Chat
  • Server Console
  • Account Manager
  • Database Record Designer
  • Database Browser

The source code browser should be ready today and will provide a convenient means of examining the latest Smalltalk libraries. You can also view both the Smalltalk and JavaScript sources in the online project repository at http://code.google.com/p/quicksilver-smalltalk/source/browse.

There are now a number of useful Smalltalk classes that completely encapsulate the underlying JavaScript.

For example, here is how you can open a SourceBrowserWindow and place some text in a panel:

W := SourceBrowserWindow open.
W content rightChild text: 'Hello World!'

Just plain Smalltalk code.

And it will be increasingly easy to build, deploy and maintain applications as the tools evolve.


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