QuickSilver Source Code Browser

February 14, 2011

QuickSilver Source Code Browser

QuickSilver Source Code Browser


The QuickSilver Smalltalk source code browser is now available.

QuickSilver is now stable enough that basic tools can be built in Smalltalk in a few hours.


6 Responses to “QuickSilver Source Code Browser”

  1. Jose Says:

    Peter, What do you think about this?

    I proposed some minor enhancements to get better smalltalk code…


    DataView _addSubclass: 'ListView' instVars: 'store' clsVars: ''

    Proposed: use squeak syntax

    TestCase _subclass: #ATestCase
    	instanceVariableNames: ''
    	classVariableNames: ''
    	poolDictionaries: ''
    	category: 'Traits-Tests'!

    Please note:
    1. use of #ATestCase to ‘ATestCase’
    2. rename ‘_addSubclass’ to ‘_subclass’
    3. allows multiline javascript calls (see _subclass)
    4. rename ‘instVars’ to ‘instanceVariableNames’
    5. rename ‘clsVars’ to ‘classVariableNames’
    6. add ‘poolDictionaries’
    7. add ‘category’ (this pseudo-package atribute allows to show hierarchical or categorized classes in ‘future’ source code browser browser

    • Peter Fisk Says:


      Your suggestion has been implemented and deployed – look at the latest sources online.

      For the moment, I am using strings for the class name because the scanner can’t yet recognize literal symbols. This will be fixed in a later release.

      Thanks for the suggestion,

      — Peter

  2. Peter Fisk Says:

    That is a good suggestion.

    We should become more compatible with Squeak.

    — Peter

  3. Andy Burnett Says:

    Squeak/Pharo compatibility would be good. And, thinking about that, I wonder if we should aim for namespaces right from the start. It is something that is often discussed in the Squeak list.

    Peter, how difficult would it be to implement some form of namespacing in SST? I think we would need to make a distinction between namespaces at the Smalltalk level and at the JS level.

  4. Carl Gundel Says:

    I agree, as much as possible Silver Smalltalk should be a strict superset of the classic Smalltalk syntax and libraries.

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