QuickSilver Smalltalk in SVN on Google Code

February 12, 2011

QuickSilver Smalltalk Project at Google Code

QuickSilver Smalltalk Project at Google Code


I have committed the latest JavaScript code for QuickSilver to SVN at the Google project site. The project uses the MIT license.

My development environment is Eclipse (Helios) for JavaScript and I use “SubEclipse” for synchronizing with the SVN repository.

Several people have indicated a desire to participate in the QuickSilver project. Please send me a request to participate at silverlight.smalltalk@gmail.com or post a message in the newsgroup at http://groups.google.com/group/silversmalltalk.

This project will focus on the QuickSilver JavaScript compiler.

I will be setting up two additional projects:

1) QuickSilver Server

This project will provide server implementations which are designed specifically to support QuickSilver clients:

  1. Java server for Google App Engine
  2. Python server for Google App Engine
  3. PHP/MySql example server

2) QuickSilver Smalltalk Libraries

Smalltalk source libraries for QuickSilver tools and utilities.


2 Responses to “QuickSilver Smalltalk in SVN on Google Code”

  1. Andy Burnett Says:

    Peter, are the servers going to be programmable in smalltalk too, or is it just that they will be optimised to work with the SST client?

  2. Peter Fisk Says:

    I have installed the Rhino JavaScript compiler/interpreter on the server.

    QuickSilver compiles to Smalltalk to JavaScript source.

    It might be possible to run QuickSilver on the server as well.

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