Scalable Vector Graphics in JavaScript

February 11, 2011

Scalable Vector Graphics in JavaScript

Scalable Vector Graphics in JavaScript

ExtJs 4.0 will be released on Feb 28.

It contains several new capabilities including the ability to draw SVG graphics using only JavaScript (no need for Flash).

And, of course, QuickSilver will immediately be able to make use of these new capabilities.

I said in an earlier post that new programming languages often succeeded when there were major shifts in technology.

IMHO, we are at the beginning of several concurrent technology changes right now:

  • the growth of scalable, pay-for-use server resources (buzzword “cloud computing”)
  • cheap, scalable real-time messaging (eg Google ChannelAPI)
  • much better JavaScript VM’s
  • HTML5 capabilities in newest browsers
  • new form factors such as smart phones, iPads, and e-readers
  • new library capabilities such as SVG in JavaScript

There seems to be a faster pace of change right now than at any time since the mid-1990’s.

The perfect time to launch a new version of Smalltalk.


4 Responses to “Scalable Vector Graphics in JavaScript”

  1. Jose Says:

    You are Right.

    It’s time for (Silver)Smalltalk on client browsers…

    I propose to create an “Smalltalk IDE” on Silver Smalltalk that runs on browser?

    “Smalltalk IDE”:

    * source code browser & editor
    * debugger
    * GUI builder
    * …

  2. Peter Fisk Says:

    Hi Jose,

    Development of these tools has already started.

    — Peter

  3. Jose Says:

    And these tools are part of project “QuickSilver Smalltalk Libraries”?

    Can you post these tools to collaborate on it or are on very early stages?

  4. Peter Fisk Says:


    These are very early stages.
    The Smalltalk source is in the SVN repository at

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