Building a Smalltalk Community

February 11, 2011

QuickSilver Version 0.7

QuickSilver Version 0.7

Above is version 0.7 of QuickSilver running in a Firefox browser. Note that QuickSilver is now running the home page of the site. QuickSilver Smalltalk is now 12 days old.

QuickSilver now supports events and callbacks and is stable enough that I have moved it to the site home page.

Source code can be downloaded here.

These are the changes to the site over the next two days:

  1. Developer sign-in
  2. Instant messaging demo
  3. News Bulletin Window
  4. Developer Forum Window

Also, I will be adding SVN support to the QuickSilver Smalltalk project on Google.

Alan Kay once said that the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

QuickSilver Smalltalk aims to invent the future of online communication using Smalltalk.

And the Silver Smalltalk site will be the first to use the new technologies.


2 Responses to “Building a Smalltalk Community”

  1. Rob Vens Says:

    Peter, please be informed that points to a different site than The first currently gets blocked by my internet guard software.

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