Video – Dan Ingalls on Smalltalk, JavaScript, and Internet

February 1, 2011

Dan Ingalls is a programming legend.

Some of his accomplishments are:

— created Smalltalk-72, Smalltalk-80
— created Squeak Smalltalk
— created BitBlt graphics
— created first pop-up menus
— created Lively Kernel in JavaScript
— etc

In this video, he talks about building the first Smalltalk in 1971-72.

A few interesting details:

— he was influenced by the APL programming language
— he was also influenced by LISP
— the first Smalltalk kernel was written in BASIC

As an historical coincidence, I was also working with APL in 1973 and it really shaped my views on what an interactive environment should be like.

Dan also talks about his latest project “Lively Kernel” which is written in JavaScript.

Fascinating video that is well worth watching.

Here is the link:


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