Server-Side Clojure Lisp

January 29, 2011

Server-Side Clojure Lisp Example

Server-Side Clojure Lisp Example

Above is an image of SST/JavaScript running in a Safari browser executing a Clojure Lisp expression on Google’s Application Engine and then displaying the result in the Transcript window.

Here is the Smalltalk code that was evaluated in a Workspace:

Clojure eval: '(map #(* % %) (range 100))' with: [:x | Transcript println: x]

Note that there is sometimes a delay when Clojure is loaded for the first time in a session.

This Clojure Lisp code creates a list of the squares of the first 100 integers. Clojure is running on the Google App Engine server and I am passing and receiving data between Smalltalk and Clojure using JSON format.

The practical purpose of this is that I will be using a Clojure application named FRED to assist users in building interface widgets. FRED (Frame Engine Designer) is an expert system based on “frame technology” that I wrote last year in Clojure Lisp.

FRED and Clojure will also be useful for refactoring and data management as the number of applications on the nework increases.


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