Silver Smalltalk JavaScript Testing

January 16, 2011

Silver Smalltalk JavaScript

Silver Smalltalk JavaScript

Above is an image of some tests for SST/JavaScript.

The interpreter for SST/JavaScript is written in Java which is then compiled to JavaScript using Google’s GWT compiler. It is functionally identical to the version for .Net (written is C#) and the version for Flash/AIR (written in ActionScript 3).

Both the SST/JavaScript and the SST/Flash versions are now nearly through their compiler and bytecode interpreter testing. What remains is to complete the integration into their respective environments – I hope to complete this for both versions this week.

In the testing shown here, SST/JavaScript is integrated with the ExtJs library. However, it could just as easily integrate with any other JavaScript library such as jQuery/UI.

I have talked previously about sending Smalltalk objects between SST instances running in different online environments.

In the next few days, I will begin tests of sending instant messages amongst SST/JavaScript, SST/Flash, and SST/Silverlight running in browsers.

Smalltalk was designed as a networked messaging language which makes it ideal for building Internet applications running in a mix of environments.


2 Responses to “Silver Smalltalk JavaScript Testing”

  1. Clóvis Valadares Says:

    Hi. Good work you are doing.

    I am new to smalltalk. I have tried to type some expressions in Workspace, but don’t know how to do to “Evaluate it”.

    There are key combination or shortcut?

  2. Peter Fisk Says:

    Hi Clovis,

    You need to highlight the expression, the right-click and choose from the menu:
    — doIt executes the command
    — showIt executes and shows the result
    — printIt executes and prints the result in the Transcript

    I will be adding some tutorials soon.

    You can go to the Google SilverSmalltalk group to ask questions also (link is on the blog page).

    Hope this helps,

    — Peter

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