Application Deployment

January 11, 2011

TicTacToe Deployment

TicTacToe Deployment

This is an image of the TicTacToe online game being deployed without the development environment.

There are two links above – one for the ‘X’ tic-tac-toe player and the other for the ‘O’ player.

Clicking these links takes you immediately into the game without the user being aware of the Smalltalk environment. For the moment, I have left the Transcript window to help in debugging but this will be changed or removed in the next version of the game. When a user right-clicks on the desktop, he just receives a “Silverlight” popup message (this is the default Silverlight context message).

The “” file is now nearly 100kb in size mostly because of the development tools that it includes. I will soon be breaking this into separate libraries for developers and for applications to reduce startup times.

Until now, the only mature versions of SST have been based on the .Net WPF libraries and they can all share common .Net primitive functions. There are now three additional versions of SST (based on different versions of the STVM) that I want to begin deploying:
— STVM32.exe uses MS WinForm libraries instead of the WPF libraries
— STVM.js uses whatever JavaScript libraries that are loaded – eg jQuery/UI or ExtJs
— STVM.swf is based on the Flash/Flex libraries

So there will be a period of refactoring of the Smalltalk libraries as these versions are introduced.

For an end user, an application running on the STVM interpreter looks like any other application written for the native environment – .Net, Flash, JavaScript, or Java.

My goal is to port Smalltalk everywhere and to make it invisible.


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