First Adobe AIR Testing

January 9, 2011

Adobe AIR Version of SST

Adobe AIR Version of SST

Above is an image of the first tests of the Adobe AIR version of SST; the SST interpreter is written in ActionScript3. It is designed primarily for Macintosh and Linux developers.

The port to AS3 was quite difficult and it may be another week or more before it is stable enough to put up a demo in Flash.

There are now working versions of SST in:
— Silverlight
— Win32 desktop (Windows XP)
— WPF desktop (Windows 7 & Vista)
— JavaScript
— Java
— ActionScript3 (Flash & Adobe AIR)

The Silverlight and WPF desktop versions are the oldest and most stable; Win32 version is stable but lacks libraries; and the others are all very early Alpha.

As part of the ActionScript port, I have included the APE physics engine for animated games.

Now that the realtime network is operating, expect to see some online games available soon.


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