Motorola’s XOOM Tablet – Android “Honeycomb” 3.0 and Flash 10.1

January 6, 2011

Motorola's XOOM Tablet

Motorola's XOOM Tablet

XOOM Overview
XOOM Video

The Motorola XOOM tablet PC was unveiled at yesterday’s CES show in Las Vegas and will be on sale in the next few months.

It uses Google’s Android 3.0 operating system (Honeycomb) and can run Adobe Flash 10.1.

Last week, I finished a first port of STVM (Smalltalk Virtual Machine) to Java. AFAICT, this port should run without problems on the Android Dalvik VM.

And, I am in the final stages of porting STVM to Adobe’s ActionScript 3 language for running in Flash.

Therefore, there will be TWO ways to run Silver Smalltalk in XOOM and other Android- based tablet PC’s.

I recently read that the Asian market for tablet PC’s is growing very quickly. There may be a new generation of PC users who will never own a desktop PC – all of their PC experience will be with mobile devices.

STVM allows running Smalltalk anywhere – desktop, browsers, phones, or tablets.

That is what I designed it for.


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