Silver Smalltalk Win32 Desktop

January 4, 2011

SST Win32 Version Test

SST Win32 Version Test

This is the first test of the Win32 desktop version of Silver Smalltalk.

It is designed for use on Windows XP.

The interface is built using the Windows XP Win32 (Winform) libraries. The standard SST desktop uses the WPF libraries available in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) libraries are based upon scalable vector graphics (SVG); the legacy Win32 libraries are based upon bitmaps.

SST Win32 uses the same .Net reflection as SST WPF.

However, because the widgets are based upon a different library, it requires a separate library of Smalltalk primitives.

There will be a release of SST Win32 available next week.


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