Dictionary Inspector / JSON Encoding

December 27, 2010

Dictionary Inspector

Dictionary Inspector


The dictionary inspector is now functional enough to add, remove and inspect dictionary entries. Code used in the example above is here:
X := Dictionary new.
X at: 'ying' put: 'yang'.
X at: 'one' put: 111.
X at: 'two' put: 2.222.
X at: 'nothing' put: nil.
X at: 'yes' put: true.
X at: 'no' put: false.
X at: 'list' put: #('this' 'is' 'a' #(1 2 3 4) 'list') asList.
X inspect

There are two new JSON methods available:
— “encode” converts a Smalltalk object to JSON format
— “decode” converts a JSON string to a Smalltalk object

Note that for the moment, only the following can be converted to/from JSON:

  • nil
  • true
  • false
  • Integer
  • Double
  • String
  • List
  • Dictionary

Arrays are coerced to Lists before conversion.

Using the example dictionary above:
“X encode” will produce a JSON string of the dictionary.
“X encode decode” will give the original dictionary

In the coming weeks I will be adding JSON conversions to more classes of objects.

However, the functionality that is now in place is sufficient for most basic client-server communications.


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