ClassBrowser and “Save Image”

December 21, 2010

Class Browser

Class Browser

The Class Browser is new sufficiently functional to help in maintaining the Smalltalk code base. Pressing “Save” at the bottom of the text window compiles the displayed method in the selected class.

There are still some things missing such as removing methods and adding new classes.

Also, the Launcher window now has a “Save Image” selection which files out all objects to a “” file in the desktop version of SST; the online version writes everything to the database.

Building a Smalltalk system “from the ground up” is difficult because there is a lack of Smalltalk tools – all the Smalltalk code must be maintained by hand. Now that the Class Browser is more mature, I can use this to develop a better Class Browser and other tools…

To see the Class Browser source, open a Class Browser and look at:



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