Silver Smalltalk Desktop

December 19, 2010

Silver Smalltalk Desktop

Silver Smalltalk Desktop

This is an image of Silver Smalltalk running on a Windows Vista desktop.

The desktop version uses the same code base as SST for the browser.

It is compiled using the full .Net 4.0 libraries and can access any of the underlying .Net classes including the file system.

By contrast, Silver Smalltalk for the browser is compiled with the Silverlight 3.0 libraries which, of course, do not allow access to the file system.

The same Smalltalk code can run in either the desktop or the browser environments (with the limitations of file access mentioned above).

There will be another version of SST in 2011 using the Windows 7 Phone libraries.

Therefore, Silver Smalltalk should run in any of these environments:

  • Windows 7 desktop
  • Windows Vista desktop
  • Windows XP with .Net libraries
  • Silverlight in major browsers for Windows or Macintosh
  • Windows 7 Phone (2011)
  • Microsoft tablets (once they decide upon the OS)



2 Responses to “Silver Smalltalk Desktop”

  1. Carl Gundel Says:

    Do all the windows need to appear inside a single master window? This would be a bad thing IMHO.

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