First Application Deployment

December 15, 2010

Hello World!

Hello World!

This is the first test of application deployment.

From the “Launcher” you can open the “AppBrowser” window to see the source code for this app. It simply clears the desktop, changes the background color, and writes “Hello World!” in large letters.

Application source code is stored in a special database whose keys are the names of the applications.

So in this case the application is named “hello” and is stored in the database with the key “hello”. When a user enters “” in the URL line of the browser, the Smalltalk interpreter parses the URL line and then loads and executes (if possible) the corresponding code stored the application database.

Deployment is instant: as soon as the code is stored in the database, it can be invoked as an application.

And, of course, this is deployed on the Google’s massive server infrastructure. It should work for thousands (or millions) of users.


7 Responses to “First Application Deployment”

  1. Andy Burnett Says:

    Broken on OSX!

    Hi Peter
    The last few releases have crashed both Safari & Chrome. No idea what the problem is, but it definitely isn’t working on OSX (at least not for me).

    If you want to put together some demo code I will gladly test it for you.

  2. Chip Nowacek Says:

    Both Safari and Chrome are ok on XP SP3.

  3. Andy Burnett Says:

    Hmm, just rebooted to make sure it wasn’t a temporary glitch. Sadly, my OSX 10.6.5 machine won’t play with Silversmalltalk at all. Time for some debugging.

    Peter, is there any kind of debug mode that I can put silverlight into?

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