State of Development

December 7, 2010

Silver Smalltalk is a revival and re-targeting of my “Vista Smalltalk” project of several years past.

The major changes have involved adapting the code to run with the Silverlight runtime libraries and removing dependencies on the file system (which is not available in a browser environment). There will be a future separate release with an SDK for desktop applications.

Vista Smalltalk used an Antlr generated parser. For Silver Smalltalk, I have adapted a lightweight hand coded parser that I developed for GWT-Smalltalk last year. There are still a few parser issues with characters ($A), literal arrays (#(a b c)), and temporaries within blocks. These will all be cleared up shortly.

SST’s interpreter is modeled after the Squeak VM and uses (mostly) the same bytecodes. There are several bytecodes left out (for example, those for bit operations) because they are not needed in the .Net environment. So far, I have not added any new bytecodes.

My focus for the next several weeks will be creating basic developer tools such as class browsers and object inspectors.

The deployment site (at uses Google’s Application Engine platform. There is now support in GAE for the “ChannelApi” comet-style instant messaging service. Once I have added serialization for SST objects, I will set up some demos of sending Smalltalk messages/objects over the network. Should have great potential for games and group collaboration applications.


2 Responses to “State of Development”

  1. Marten Feldtmann Says:

    I think, that Silverlight has not that bright future and interviews like this are not really putting the best light on it ….

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